Reuse and circularity

Circular thinking is at the core of everything Tiptapp does. We do this by simplifying and improving opportunities for proper recycling of waste, enabling reuse to give things a longer life, and making second-hand shopping easier and more accessible.

Safe recycling

To ensure that everything picked up through Tiptapp is dropped off at a recycling center and correctly recycled, all drop-offs are checked both automatically by our systems and also manually by our support team. In order for recycling to be accepted, the helper making the drop-off must verify the recycling in several steps. A picture is taken through the app at the time of pick-up and additional pictures are taken at the recycling location. The coordinates of the location are saved to these images along with a timestamp.

This process gives us very good traceability of all recycling picked up through Tiptapp. To learn more about how we control that all recycling ends up where its suppose, read here: Safe recycling

We encourage reuse

One man's trash is another man's treasure! Through the app, people can easily give away items to others in need in their local area. We encourage our users to give away items in good condition, instead of throwing them away. By allowing people a smooth way to give items directly to each other, we make sure to prolong the lifecycle of items and reduce unnecessary transportation of the items to and from thrift shops. Preloved items are not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet!

Tiptapp and second-hand shopping go hand in hand

Tiptapp work as the perfect complement to second-hand shopping, as you can get quick help with the delivery of any purchase you have made, regardless of the size of the item. We believe it should be convenient and frictionless to shop sustainably, and removing the issue of transportation is our way to help with this. This means you can easily get help with collecting something you have bought on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or another second-hand shop and have the items delivered to your doorstep.

Fast facts

Here are some of the highlights of what the Tiptapp community has achieved over the past year.


recycling ads that were made and securely disposed of in 2022

182.000 giveaways

were given away for free and got a prolonged life

~15.000 sofas

were transported through the app in 2022